Our restaurants and bars serve in style Indian, Chinese, Continental and Rajasthani cuisine coupled with the choicest wines, spirits and cocktails. As the sun rises from and sets into the desert with the “Golden Fort” of Jaisalmer in the background, our roof top restaurant & bar offer the most spectacular sight of the Thar desert. At “twilight” the fort lights up, adding to your soaring spirits to make it all the more awesome. Our master artistes, widely known for their excellence in dance and local folk music, will make you endorse our claim that it is the best that Jaisalmer has to offer.

Gokhra, thats the name we have given to our restaurant which serves you India, Chinese, Continental and suthentic Rajasthani cuisine. So have a delicious meal  while Folk Musicians play Folklore and perform dances. The place is  colorfully done up to go with the delicious palate. Take a look at the menu as a starter.

Pagra Bar, is ideal to enjoy your high spirits the way the people do in the Desert, where evenings call for celebrations and merriment.